Anger…Is it the question or the answer?

Founders Voice

Many times when we hear things that make us angry we immediately react. Reaction is the knee jerk response to it all. Now what if we stopped, took time to think about what exactly makes us angry and then research it? You might ask, “Why bother?” Well there are quite a few reasons why.


1) Anger begets more anger. When you lash out at people in anger it prevents any meaningful conversation regarding a topic that you could have. We all get angry. No one is beyond it. I am not saying.”Hey don’t be mad!” That isn’t logical. (No I am not impersonating Spock.) I am saying go ahead and be angry, get it out of your system, think about why you are mad and then when you are calm, decide to address it in an educational way.


2) Anger makes you physically ill. It’s true. When you hold…

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