LUIS JORGE REXACH …. a very talented local musician!!

It Is What It Is



Singer, musician, composer, producer ……

Born in the city of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Currently living in the city of Orlando, Florida.

In this cookie cutter world, few artists dare to venture out of their comfort zone or so-called markets to try something new, something bold, something honest.

Luis Rexach has taken the leap of faith and landed safely.


His first release on Tacatantán Records “Desolado” is a 5 song EP that rocks, grooves and pushes the status quo on Latin music with retro-driven funk on “Ser Abandonado” or the energetic Motown infused “This is me” sets a tone that screams individuality.

Additional songs such as the title track “Desolado” give way to the philosophical inclinations of this young Puerto Rican singer-songwriter as well a romantic rock anthem entitled “Un Paseo” that grabs you by the heart with…

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Xanadu…No, more like Xanex

Yes yes yes… please.

Voice of Autism Parenting


 It’s extremely easy to lose sight of yourself when you are the caregiver to any special needs individual. You begin to define yourself by that, forgetting all the things that made you the person you were before…I used to be Jackie, and hey…to the best of my blurred recollection, I used to like stuff!! I used to enjoy employment, going out with friends, reading smutty novels, traveling, crafting, sleeping, laughing…I have vague memories of such events.


I am currently the primary caregiver to all 3 of our children during the day; 2 auties and 1 typical. According to my therapist (yes, I felt the need to consult one of those years ago in my quest for sanity…a battle I have since waved the white flag on), each autistic child counts as 10 typical kids on the work equivalence scale. So by that standard, I watch 21 kids all day…

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Anger…Is it the question or the answer?

Founders Voice

Many times when we hear things that make us angry we immediately react. Reaction is the knee jerk response to it all. Now what if we stopped, took time to think about what exactly makes us angry and then research it? You might ask, “Why bother?” Well there are quite a few reasons why.


1) Anger begets more anger. When you lash out at people in anger it prevents any meaningful conversation regarding a topic that you could have. We all get angry. No one is beyond it. I am not saying.”Hey don’t be mad!” That isn’t logical. (No I am not impersonating Spock.) I am saying go ahead and be angry, get it out of your system, think about why you are mad and then when you are calm, decide to address it in an educational way.


2) Anger makes you physically ill. It’s true. When you hold…

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At the end of the day …. you’re 64 years old only once!!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Horty!! I love you Horty

It Is What It Is


~~July 1, 2014~~

It’s that time of day.

Today I’ve heard from my family, childhood friends, high school friends, cyberfriends, real-life friends, Facebook friends, Farmville friends, blogger friends, friends from the past, new friends …. to all of you … thank you for making my day even better.

From the heart ….. Tight hugs!!


Here’s hoping and wishing that the next 364 days are just as chock-full of happy memories, of joy, of love and of good things as today has been thanks to all of you!


One is 64 years old only once in one’s life. Today has been that day for me.

I have to much to be thankful for.


I have a wonderful life in spite of the ups and downs that are typical in anyone’s life. I’m basically healthy. My aches and pains are the usual for my age (I think).

I have a wonderful family and…

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