My Granny

The thing that stands out the most about my Granny was that she really knew how to love.
People were not disposable and there was nothing I’m sorry couldn’t fix.
She believed the only unforgivable sin was unforgiveness itself, she lived that.
She was humble.
She could have been bitter. She’d never been healthy. She battled four types of cancer and chronic pain, but she wasn’t.
When Chemotherapy took her hair that hung past her knees. She smiled and raised her crooked little hand towards the sky saying “God really knew what he was doing, this chemo makes me so weak with all that hair I’d never be able to hold up my head”
She was grateful. She would tell anyone that would listen how blessed she was. Even the nurses in the hospital days before cancer claimed her she’d stop them and tell them just how good God had been to her.
No matter how many times people would show up at her door at 3 am bringing to her their greatest sorrow, she never turned them away. She never made them feel like the burdens she carried made their problems invalid.
She understood people as a whole, no matter how badly a person messed up or how sad a situation would seem, she’d pick out the best story and say. “I remember when I had a need ..”and so and so was there for me. She focused on the best of people, and seemed to just not see or care about the rest.
No situation was hopeless and there was nothing that love couldn’t cover.
The funny thing is even when people or situations disappointed her she didn’t give those feelings permanence. She didn’t expect less the next time.
She really understood unconditional.
It wasn’t just a pretty way to describe love it was everything she was.
I miss that kind of light in this world.
I miss that kind of faith in humanity.

Its only because of her that I believe it exists.


My Granny

One thought on “My Granny

  1. That was my Mom… I believe that is why God took her early… She could not stand back and sit still if someone strayed from the God given path… Once she was on your case you didn’t have a chance.. She would lecture you to submission or talk your legs off in the process… She embraced the Apostolic Doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ and loved it with her whole heart…. She knew what she knew was right and knew she knew . She expected nothing less from her children and Grandchildren. That’s Mom.. She dreamed of heaven during her last cancer and she was then no earthly good.. she wanted to go home… Mom is where she wanted to be Safe in the Arms of our Lord Jesus…

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