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Too close to Home



Austin Wiseman, 12, and Blake Campbell, 9

The photo’s of these fresh faced young boys strike terror in my heart, the story itself is tragic, but I see tragic stories in my news feed every day. In this age of information we are bombarded by stories and images of things that feels worlds away. We have become desensitized to horror. We read their story and we put it away in the “That can’t happen to me” file we keep in our brains. We may take a moment to feel bad for the family or the people that are affected by the tragedy, but in a moment we are back to our normal lives with out another thought to the things we have read.

This morning I couldn’t snap back into my normal life, the images of Austin and Blake are far to familiar, they both bare a resemblance to my sons, ages 13 and 9.

The thought of “what if that were my children” is overpowering when I stare into those innocent faces and think “What happened?”

“How could this have been prevented”

Gun control or at the very least better regulation.

I do not own a gun, but my boy’s father owns plenty.

I live in the south where up until the rash of school shootings, teenage boys use to drive into the high school parking lot with their deer rifles mounted on the back of their truck window.

Talk about gun control where I am from will get a cold shoulder, or a lecture on how it is our American right to bear arms.

An American right that is killing our children.

An American right widely unregulated and claiming new lives daily.

I have heard that the media is now focusing on isolated incidences to make the issue of gun control a bigger one than is actually needed. 

Sensationalism, media hype.

Yet this week a family is burying two boys that will never have a chance to grow up and be the men they were meant to be.

The images of Trayvon Martin laying on the ground clutching his paper bag was not enough.

Sandy Hooks was not enough.

Austin and Blake are not enough.

Criminals will still manage to get guns, lobbyists argue.

It will keep guns from the people that need them to protect their selves and their families from criminals.

Yet in my opinion the real criminals are the people fighting so hard against regulation of guns.

When will the increasing loss of life start to matter?

When we stop blaming the parents or guardian’s claiming they “were not responsible” gun owners and accept that there is NO such thing as a responsible gun owner. 

If you read the news these accidents are happening in homes of Police Officers and of families that before the tragedies occur would have swore they were “responsible.”

Hindsight is 20/20, what is so sad is we can look back and see what should have been done to protect Austin and Blake, but we still refuse to look forward and put laws into place that will protect MY children.

I’ve heard Gun’s dont kill people, People kill people. My reply to that is they are a whole lot more effective with a gun in their hand.

Its time for someone to wake up and pay attention.

Enough it Enough.


I’ll See you Yesterday

If we’re really telling the truth
things don’t look the way that they used to
this conversation’s long overdue
cause i can’t look in through
cause we’re all I knew

I was your sunlight, but now I’m just a shade
I was your blue sky, Now I’m just the rain
I was your favorite song, but Now I’m overplayed
If tomorrow’s gonna be the same
I’ll see you yesterday.
I’ll see you yesterday.

Let’s get lost in our memories
That’s the safest place we can be
If this is the end of our story,
I don’t wanna read it, I just wanna keep it, well.

I was your sunlight, but Now I’m just a shade
I was your blue sky, Now I’m just the rain
I was your favorite song, but Now I’m overplayed
If tomorrow’s gonna be the same
I’ll see you yesterday

I’ll see you in my dreams
and in every single moment you meant something to me
Just like the photographs
I’d keep the very best
cause baby that’s the way I will remember it

I was your sunlight, Now I’m just a shade
I was your blue sky, Now I’m just the rain
I was your favorite song, Now I’m overplayed
If tomorrow’s gonna be the same
Since tomorrow’s gonna be the same
I’ll see you yesterday.
I’ll see you yesterday.


One Pride Network Launch Weekend



One Pride Network is a LGBT Resource Guild for Gay and Gay friendly businesses. We currently serve the Orlando area. Our Official Launch Weekend starts October 11th and runs through the 13th. One Pride Network is leading the way with fully integrated marketing plans and individualized support. Call us today!

One Pride Network ….. All stars entertainment!!

It Is What It Is

One Pride Network ..... All stars entertainment!!


One Pride Network is dedicated to building bridges instead of walls.

It’s an organization that will be using our gay and gay friendly network to build gay owned and gay friendly businesses.

The best way that I can describe One Pride Net is comparing it to an umbrella.

However, the directory won’t be the only available resource:
a. There is JTL Productions which promotes social events.
b. There is also OPN Radio — where Straight Talk will come back to the air waves
c. Humanitarian causes will be also considered — “Voice to the Voiceless”
d. There are Pride Partners – artists, photographers, bloggers, graphics designers. … and any other professional who is willing to provide part of their knowledge to the community.

In the words of our founders:
How visible are you in a Google search? If you Google your business name…

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