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Blogging Challenge Day 8

What is my biggest pet peeve?

Personality Type that I call Nosy Passive Aggressive hyper critical disorder. 

People that have no business in your business but feel they have the right to criticize and talk about you, and down to you.

Negative people that has nothing good to say about anyone ever!!!

The people that believe they have cornered the market on pain and suffering, (no one has ever faced more challenges or hurt more than they have)

Passive Aggressive people who blame other people for not being mind readers.

A portrait of you from a single hair: The work of Heather Dewey-Hagborg

TED Blog

The video “DNA Portrait,” above, is a lovely short documentary shot by TED’s own Kari Mulholland. It features the work of the artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, who spent time collecting hairs shed in public spaces… and then sequencing the DNA therein to print 3D sculptures of what those hairs’ owners might look like. Whoa. The film is also the secret story of the lab run by TEDGlobal 2012 speaker Ellen Jorgensen. At Genspace, people can experiment with DNA-based technology, regardless of their scientific knowledge or experience. As Jorgensen comments in the film, Dewey-Hagborg’s work is super interesting, not to mention searingly contemporary. “It’s a very accessible way for the public to engage with this new technology. It really brings to light how powerful it is, the idea that a hair from your head can fall on your street and a perfect stranger can pick it up…

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