“Straight Talk” … on OPN … coming soon!!

It Is What It Is

Jude is an advocate for great causes. Not only in the LGBT community but also issues of human value and charity events.

One of the main tools that she uses to perform her “calling in life” is as a host for the radio show “Straight Talk” …..

“This is an important show for many of us in the gay and lesbian communities in terms of bridging the gaps in a heterosexual world where too often the message of unity for ALL people of many different descents, political views and religion, gets lost.

The show is not focused on specific agendas but on different levels of conversation that impact our entire community as a whole.

Your support is important. With out it, we can not survive in this movement to unite understanding with knowledge.

To highlight a few things listed on our agenda: we will bring a lot of things to…

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